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All Back to Ours


USC are carving out a new position for themselves both on the High Street and online. Their Original Icons proposition is informing both the clothing brands they stock and the way they engage with consumers. Their investment in building a social media community and in display technology in their flagship stores has also given them a large canvas to express themselves. Now they needed campaign that match their ambition and deliver for their target audience of next gen consumers who want premium brands with authentic stories.


We needed a Christmas retail campaign that captured an aspirational but relatable take on the season for our target audience and elevated USC from the busy, noisy generic Christmas activity that would be all over the high street and its preferred media placements. We also needed to be able to make the campaign work hard for the individual brands featured whilst delivering on USCs Original Icons proposition.


‘All back to ours’ focuses on capturing the party after the party, when the social circle gets smaller, the WhatsApp group only, the originals. When people can really be their true selves. We shot a diverse group of models each with a clear identity expressed through their styling but obviously a close-knit group of friends. With a focus on retail and driving purchase we captured individual and group stills and promoted the entire campaign with a blend of narrative driven social films and bite-size platform native content. USC brought out the big-guns in store with a mix of static and AV displays, complementary window dressing and in-store fixtures.