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All Back to Ours


Off the back of a successful Christmas campaign last year that the client was very happy with, our brief was relatively simple… “do it again”. If it ain’t broke. So we needed to create the sequel to the original ‘All Back To Ours’, using the same concept but elevating it with even more energy, even more vibes, and even more seasonal staple brands from the Home of the Original Icons.


Several moving parts had to be considered in how we turned up. How could USC stand out from all the busy, noisy, generic Christmas activity that would be all over the high street? How could we craft a narrative in the simplest, coolest, and most immediately-gettable way possible? And how could we give each individual brand its chance to shine? We needed a Christmas retail campaign that addressed each of these points while capturing an aspirational but relatable take on the season for our target audience.


The after party is always better than the party. Everyone has broken loose from their lame Christmas do’s (not ours, obviously) to link up with their friends in a place where they can be the real them. From backs of cabs to turning public transport into a private party, ‘All Back To Ours’ focussed on that feeling of not wanting to call it a night when you’re surrounded by your people. We also provided further post-production than the previous campaign to really dial up that extra bit of festive flair (literally, there were flairs). Who said sequels can never top the original?