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Autumn Winter 23


USC were embarking on a journey with 5 key brand partners and needed an overarching AW23 campaign creative that could be brought to life with specific extensions for each of those brands. From the legendary Napa rainforest jacket to the timeless Barbour, this campaign was all about celebrating the art of fashion, demonstrated through the most coveted outerwear pieces from the world’s most renowned lifestyle brands.


We were dealing with iconic brands, so we had to do them and their individual stories justice. Each brand-specific execution needed to be sufficiently differentiated from the last and the next, but in a way that authentically told the stories behind that brand’s own iconic status. Essentially, we had a limited amount of time to create 5 unique worlds that could give each icon their moment in the sun (or snow, if you’re talking Napa…).


To give each brand its moment, we created a unique set for each execution. This was achieved through dynamic lighting and set dressing/props, making subtle changes that could create vastly different scenes tailored specifically to each brand – from natural, to industrial, to glacial, to a cleaner stripped back look for Calvin Klein (obvious reasons…) – but in a way that still felt like a cohesive campaign when viewed as a whole.