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Spring Campaign 2023


USC are carving out a new position for themselves both on the High Street and online. Their Original Icons proposition is informing both the clothing brands they stock and the way they engage with consumers. Their investment in building a social media community and instore display technology in their flagship stores has also given them a large canvas to express themselves. Now they needed a campaign that matched their ambition and delivered for their target audience of next gen consumers who want premium brands with authentic stories.


We needed a Spring retail campaign that stripped everything back and put the spotlight on the iconic brands that USC house, their Essential Icons. The campaign needed to feel timeless, while embodying the feeling of Spring, showcasing an array of styles across both men and women, with an even coverage across all brands. Featured on both the high street and media placements online, it was important that the messaging was clear, and the clothing was highlighted.


‘Take Flight’ is all about the feeling of Spring. Crisp bright parachutes, billowing in the wind translating to a sense of light and airiness. We took inspiration from how a Spring day makes us feel, from laundry drying on a washing line, neutral palettes and the different natural lights you get from different times in a Spring day. We had lighting set ups, which featured sunrise, golden hour and natural day light. We captured a mixture of individual and group stills, as well as social films and AV that was featured both online and in-store, inclusive of their Oxford St window display.