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All In for Summer


USC had already been carving out a new position on the high street and online. Their ‘Original Icons’ proposition informs the brands they stock and the way they engage with consumers, having invested in building a community on their socials. Now they needed to match that ambition and deliver a campaign for their target audience of Next Gen consumers who want premium brands with authentic stories.


We needed a summer retail campaign that flaunted USC’s Original Icons in action. We needed to communicate the sense of adventure, freedom, and possibilities that summer offers while showcasing all the different categories of clothing. With the campaign to be featured on both the high street and media placements online, the messaging had to be immediately clear to anyone scrolling through socials or walking down the street. And, ultimately, the focal point had to be the clothes (or the icons…).


‘All in for Summer’ provided our core expressive pillar to create a relatable and aspirational thread for our Next Gen audience. And Miami provided the perfect backdrop to evoke the visceral connotations of a summer road trip. The idea of freedom, leaving it all behind to experience a life without restriction – even if just temporarily. We worked with photographer and Miami-native, David Cabrera, to showcase this energy in a mixture of individual and group stills, product stills, and social films and AV that has since been featured online and in-store, most notably displayed front and centre of USC’s flagship Oxford Street window display.