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Shaking Up the Industry


Traditional car insurance brands are broken and boring. Drivers know very little about how the industry really works, and young drivers in particular are overcharged due to crude demographic-based algorithms that have little to no consideration of how people actually drive. There is room for a challenger brand to disrupt the status quo by positioning themselves as the antithesis of an antiquated, unfair system.


People don’t think about their car insurance. It comes around once a year, they head to a comparison site, select what is ostensibly the cheapest quote available, and don’t think about it again until their next renewal is due. How are we able to keep an audience engaged over an extended period of time when they are not in the purchase phase?


We embraced the tropes of social platforms to create extremely native-feeling content, featuring members of the SELFHOOD Collective. All with some not-so-subtle digs at the industry dinosaurs. The result: a clearly defined positioning and tone of voice for Rooster, and a constant stream of content to keep a growing audience engaged.