pf flyers

pf flyers

Brand re-positioning to expand into new markets

unfollow the crowd
made right, here

PF Flyers is a heritage US sneaker brand with a small but loyal sneakerhead following. However the brand was struggling to meaningfully break out of its underground status, limiting its growth potential. We needed to credibly give the brand broader appeal without eroding it’s pinnacle status amongst apex influencers.


The ‘creative culturalist’ target audience we wanted to engage with actively shun mainstream products and brands. They don’t want to wear sneakers that are considered ‘mass’. They want to wear something their underground style heroes wear.


The solution was two-fold. Firstly, by recognising the importance of being exclusive we created a new brand line, ‘Uncommon American Style’ and launched a brand campaign featuring the brand’s taste makers that asked our audience to ‘Unfollow the Crowd.’ Secondly, we created the ‘Made Right, Here’ product campaign to launch the brand’s Made in USA shoe to build equity and belief in the brand’s Boston-based heritage.


Campaign delivered 33% uplift in sales vs forecast and a 36% uplift year on year. Additional trade channels were also opened with AOV increasing 14% and a 7% overall increase on orders year on year. Visits to the brand site also increased by 25%.