Working with our charitable partner OnSide to engage with local youth.


Barking And Dagenham Youth Zone Project


OnSide – a charity that builds a network of 21st Century Youth Centres to give young people quality, safe and affordable places to go in their leisure time and to make a difference to their futures.

We will be working with Onside to initially develop OOH campaigns to launch three new Youth Zones in London; Barnet and Barking and Dagenham and Croydon. The campaigns will launch from February onwards while the building works are still in progress.


Onside, who pride themselves on giving young people a key voice in their Youth Zones, have worked closely with the ZAK team to give them exposure to the creative industry and process.


ZAK has been working with Onside & their young ambassadors to create some eye-catching designs. We created a spread of billboards with the onside kids fully immersed in the process. These billboards sit outside the respective locations, pre-build, to give a glimpse of what the local community can expect from the new Onside facility.

There are be three key messages brought to life; OnSide values and offering, activities and facilities, and the pride in what young people can offer in the local community.


It was enlightening to find such a great bunch of enthusiastic young people to work with and a privilege to help such a great cause as Onside who manage to collate funding that builds some of the best youth facilities we’ve ever seen.

Kathryn Morley CEO of OnSide, says: “We can’t thank ZAK enough for the amazing work they have done designing our hoardings for the Barking + Dagenham, Croydon and Barnet Youth Zone sites. OnSide’s young ambassadors had such a great time at ZAK’s offices working on the project and the team there were absolutely brilliant with them. The messaging and designs produced were outstanding and we can’t wait to see them launch.”