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The smartphone industry is dominated by a small number of handset brands circling each other in a tech arms race. No-one is truly innovating, everything is incremental. There’s clear room for a challenger brand that understands global consumers want more than just a soulless tech experience; they want to have a say in the future of their tech products, and to feel closer to the brands they choose.


The Nothing® phone (1) launch needed to be different from the likes of Samsung, Apple and Google. It had to represent the 10k individual investor community and present Nothing® as a tech company with a unique identity. We created and livestreamed a keynote film with a tech teardown and then devised and livestreamed an exclusive launch event to introduce the phone (1) to the global smartphone markets.


Instead of a presentation at a packed auditorium, we filmed Carl’s Keynote in a café, a vintage cinema and the streets behind their design office in Kings Cross, London. We held a live launch in their design studios inviting a community of influential creatives, publishers and investors. An analogue launch of a sophisticated digital experience. Over 100k people viewed the livestream (1.5m views post event), 300 attended the live event and the PR coverage was everywhere.