louder than words

New balance Lifestyle

Global storytelling platform


The challenge was two-fold: firstly, we needed to broaden New Balance’s appeal for their Lifestyle sneakers, finding an authentic point of connection with an early adopter audience while not alienating brand fanatics. Secondly we needed a way of unifying all the multiple pieces of content being produced across the globe to create some consistency and continuity and start to build genuine brand equity.


Our early-adopter audience are a heavily marketed-to group who are adept at filtering-out low value comms activity aimed at them. They want to be engaged with, not advertised to. They are interested in brands with a genuine story and purpose.


We created a really simple platform using the one thing that was distinctive and unique to New Balance: it’s numbering convention. Rooted in the products – but elevated to become a story-telling platform – we created ‘Numbers speak louder than words’ as a way to authentically tell stories our audience would engage with.

Working with creative and cultural influencers whose own making/creating/doing story reflected the pillars of the New Balance brand – be that craftsmanship or fusing past and future – we told their stories though documentary films, street photography and premium product and AV social content.


Winner of The Drum’s ‘Creative Works Ad of the Week’ January 2016

The platform was universally adopted across all regions, markets as well as media partners across the globe meaning that, for the first time, there was a consistency and continuity of execution across all the brand’s Lifestyle communications that helped increase consumer engagement and build brand equity.