New balance Lifestyle

Globally coordinated product launch


New Balance had enjoyed ten years of stratospheric growth driven by the global fashion trend of retro American sneakers. But as the fashion shifted towards more contemporary, future-facing styles and silhouettes, New Balance responded by designing their first completely new silhouette in almost 20 years; the 247. Our challenge was to create a launch campaign that ensured the brand remained relevant to a modern early adopter audience.


Early Adopters are interested in what’s hot and exciting. They look to influential sources to get the inside track on what’s happening. Yet, they don’t want to be preached to, they want to feel engaged and part of something.


Our target audience all have different mindsets and motivations, but are united by their busy, on-the-go, 24-hour lifestyles.

So to showcase the sneaker and its seamless integration into a 24/7 lifestyle we created the campaign idea ‘Live Life in 247’.

The idea was designed to be activated across the world in a globally-coordinated series of events with multiple regional partners that succeeded in driving interest + excitement in the new product, generating a huge cultural energy moment for the brand.