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Football is the world’s biggest game and Is dominated by massive brand like Nike, adidas and Puma. To launch New Balance into this space we needed to create a positioning and brand expression that was suitably different and distinctive to make an impact as well as drive credibility with consumers, media and the trade.


Our core 17 year old audience has a very real view of the world. They know that success at any level of the game doesn’t come from talent alone. It’s born from hard work and a relentless determination to achieve. They believe that in order to succeed (in life and in football) you need a plan.


We created a highly impactful brand ad that showcased all the pro players that had joined New Balance Football and communicated the ethos that they all share with the brand: that success comes from hard work and relentless determination to improve.


Brand film achieved over 3.5m views with 21,000 engagements.

Immediate credibility built with top football media and influencers.

Within 6 months of launch, brand achieved more followers on its social channels than competitors, Umbro and Under Armour.