New Balance Football

Game-changing brand extension into new category

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The odds were stacked against New Balance successfully extending into small-sided with the Audazo boot due to no previous credibility in the sector, limited distribution, comparatively low social reach, far lower budget than other boot launches and no professional players in the sector. Instead of letting these factors limit the ambition, we took a radical, yet deceptively simple, approach to Audazo.


The campaign was built from audience insight gleaned from search data. This showed that there were a number of ‘how to’ search needs that weren’t being met by the competition. There was a lot of content out there that showed small-sided tricks, but no one was showing how to pull them off. This is what the Audazo ‘Run The Game’ campaign was built around.


The campaign was designed for social with short, easily digestible content, including many forms of social video across multiple channels. But the budget didn’t stretch to enough paid distribution to get the campaign seen. So we partnered with young football freestylers who had their own social communities to create how-to videos that showed, step-by-step, how to pull off the tricks that would give them the edge in the small-sided game.


Winner of The Drum Marketing ‘New Product Launch Strategy of the Year’.

The results smashed targets. Online social reach and engagement beat previous similar campaigns with an astonishing amount of organic engagement from just £1k in paid boost. Content received over 66k video views on Instagram (completely organic) and over 208k video views on Facebook (including the £1k paid boost) + received a huge amount of positive attention from both the target audience and clubs. The content was genuinely better received than competitor content and boot sales were phenomenal. This campaign shows what you can achieve when you smartly turn limitations into opportunities and keep digging to find what your consumers are really looking for.