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Power to the People


Mitre are the original British football brand. Anyone who has played at any level has played with a Mitre at some point. Those that know, know. And there is a small nucleus of tastemakers who have an outsized influence on football culture public opinion. These are the people who appreciate the game on a deeper level, and that makes them the same people inclined to have a reverence and respect for a brand with Mitre’s heritage. But they might need a reminder…


As a brand steeped in heritage, a lot of the existing positive sentiment towards Mitre is based on outdated perceptions of quaint nostalgia and stinging thighs on cold Sunday mornings. We needed assert Mitre’s earned authority in the game to re-establish the brand in the current cultural conversation and to show the new crop of originators of football culture that Mitre celebrates its heritage without relying on it, living in the now and not in the past.


We invited 100 of the latest and greatest in football culture to Shoreditch to talk football over a beer or two and celebrate the launch of this season’s FA Cup Mitre Ultimax. We decorated the space with the work we’ve been doing to change perceptions of Mitre over the last couple years, tapped up Carling for some free cans, got a DJ down, and even had Brick Lane’s finest, Beigel Bake, on the catering. The result: an informal, non-corporate celebration of Real Football and a reminder to those whose opinions matter of Mitre’s status – past, present, and future – in the beautiful game.