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Magners Original

Reinvigorating through digital innovation and experiences

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Magners Original was the classic cider-over-ice brand, but as the brand grew older, so did their audience. With plenty of new cider brands coming into the market, Magners just weren’t attracting a new, younger audience to replace the one that had aged. If the brand didn’t act, their relevance and sales would disappear.


With a new recessionary mindset firmly in place, young consumers are looking for richer experiences to tempt them out to venues for their weekend daytime social occasions. Trade partners are increasingly finding it hard to create experiences that differentiate them from the competition. There are a lot of excellent offerings in the market making it more difficult to stand out.


We created Magners Originals to re-establish Magners as the original brand and original choice in a category filling with fads and gimmicks. The idea was executed firstly through a series of micro-festival experiences called ‘Original Sessions’ featuring local unsigned acts performing live in piub ‘cider gardens’. Secondly we partnered with AR app Blippar to create ‘Original Win’, an instant-win promotion that rewarded users with prizes from other like-minded original brands like Ray-Ban, Hunter and Converse


The campaign delivered a massive 700k engagements with the Magners Original campaign. Trade relations were boosted and new drinkers recruited. The brand image of Magners was back to being the quality original that it should be.