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Savour Each Journey


Existing HNW Single Malt drinkers are familiar and comfortable with the category tropes of process and place. High Quality competition rely on finding unique product stories or leveraging brand partnerships to cut through. Longmorn had neither. But had ‘patience’… With their ‘youngest’ product being a minimum of 18 years old, it had bided its time. We identified a new target audience looking for slow, enriching experiences and quiet luxury storytelling to connect with.


The Speyside region has distilleries every 5 minutes down the river. Household names, known to every serious whisky drinker. Longmorn had been releasing its whisky periodically but had never invested in brand building despite its reputation as every master distiller’s second favourite single malt. Now with a serious global growth plan we needed to create an entire brand ecosystem around the idea of patience and execute in a disruptive, impactful way.


Savour Each Journey is a campaign that exudes rich emotion, timeless elegance and a sense of how Longmorn’s uniquely beautiful vision of its home landscape creates the iconic single malts it has perfected over 130 years of ceaseless production. Robust brand architecture and rich execution across all consumer touchpoints has transformed Longmorn into a global icon of the Speyside category and a contemporary of modern quiet luxury brands with authentic heritage.