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Kickers x Nando’s x JD Sports

Secure the Tag


School is about a lot more than what you get from the lessons. It’s the place you forge your identity, and this is done largely through the moments you spend with your friends. Young people are more ambitious than ever and their multi-hyphenate hybrid identities extend into a panoply of different sub-sections pulled from their peers. They belong to many tribes. But each tribe wants to turn up right for the new school year.


To stand out from all the substantial but typically indistinct ‘back to school’ noise, we needed to demonstrate a deep understanding of the audience, acknowledging that going back to school is about more than just the syllabus, and ultimately we needed to make the product feel like an aspirational tool for this audience to express their identity, whatever tribe they belong to. Plus creating a tri-branded campaign that works equally well for each of the constituent partners obviously holds its own challenges.


We created a campaign that leaned heavily on the idea of tribes and made those tribes easily identifiable. This was paired with an emphasis on the iconography of Kickers and Nando’s, focusing on the exclusive ‘Hot’ Kickers x Nando’s collaborative floret, as well as tapping into a more authentic selling point with an acknowledgement of Nando’s being that hub where young people can link up and express the shared identities of their tribes.