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Kappa x BWT Alpine F1



Last year’s F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi had more viewers than the Superbowl. And the fastest growing audience segment for Formula 1 is next gen, under 30s global multi-sports consumers. Fans who blur the traditional lines of motorsport into fashion, music and gaming. It was time for two iconoclastic brands to accelerate away from the standard but conservative grid of partnerships in the F1 paddock with a clear vision to appeal to the younger fans.


Both Kappa Sport and Alpine had a rich heritage in their respective fields. Kappa had partnered some of the most iconic sporting institutions in the world of football and Alpine had created some of the most desirable ‘cult’ road cars in the 70s, 80s and 90s. But both brands needed to look forwards. F1 is a sport of the future, exploring its boundaries and attracting a new audience. They needed a partnership strategy and a creative platform which used their incredible combined brand equity and cult identities as a foundation for innovation and disruption in a traditional landscape of premium but uninteresting sponsorship activation.


We developed A Different Track as the strategy for the partnership, ensuring that everything that the two brands wouldn’t follow the same tropes of the legacy F1 brands. Drawing on their history of innovation and confidently allowing both Kappa and Alpine to see themselves as a partnership that best lives outside of the F1 category norms. Re:Generation became the creative platform for the Apparel Collection launch. Inspired by ‘KERS’ F1 technology, using their collective past to power their combined future and targeting a set of consumers that understand how to expertly experiment with past and present style to express themselves.