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Gentleman Jack’s Order of Gentlemen is a code of conduct based around an inherent set of behaviours and knowledge that make a man a gentleman. The platform was written by a US agency, for a US audience. Fraternity rings, hi-fives and chest-beating wasn’t going to cut it for our UK aspiring gentleman.


Our target audience were growing up. They were savouring new experiences and enjoying good company. However, they were new to being a discerning adult. They needed a little help navigating life and learning newer, more mature skills needed to impress their friends. The bars they hung out in had little or no pos and the brand didn’t have the budget to spend on pop in the multiples, so we needed less traditional ways to get on their radar and influence and inform the purchasing decision.


We created an integrated campaign with Facebook at its heart, guiding the target consumer and target bar tenders on gentlemanly ways by bringing to life the order of gentlemen via engaging consumer experiences on-trade, off-trade and online.


To date there have been over 661k Facebook fans. additional on trade accounts were secured because of the activity including 560 Stonegate pubs in year 1. The campaign is now in year 3, with annual sales figures growing year on year.