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Our House


Cricket is irrelevant to most young women. It doesn’t speak their language. It has no place in contemporary culture. And yet, the England Elite women’s team is a great example of a diverse group of contemporary young women from different backgrounds flourishing in a team framework that by encouraging their individuality and self-expression results in growth, progression and self-actualisation.


How do we communicate that women’s and girl’s cricket can be a place where confidence grows through individuality, diversity and self-expression? On a modest budget, how do we bring that idea to life physically and digitally through a network of authentic voices? And how do we get women and girls to actually come and watch a game?


’Our House’, was our takeover event for the first ever women’s test match played at the traditional ‘Home of Cricket’, Lord’s..

A carnival atmosphere outside with kite clubs, all-female bhangra bands, street food and entertainment. A branded experience for creators and voices of influence from throughout our campaign to cover the game.

5m people reached, 36.82% average engagement on TikTok, and, most importantly. for the event itself, Our House at Lord’s became the largest attended game in UK women’s cricket to date.