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Durex Day


Having grown tired of not getting a real education from ”traditional” sources, Gen Z are turning to TikTok to learn, discuss, or have a laugh about sex. While Durex are one of the most recognisable brand names in the space, they were yet to tap into the potential for sales on TikTok, so were looking to create content that could drive traffic to their ‘Durex Day’ sale.


How do we create promotional content on TikTok to drive d2c sales for Durex Day, 06/09, which is native to the platform and authentic to the content creators’ community? We had to make TikToks, not ads. And we had to find content creators on our SELFHOOD platform that matched the brand’s pillars of Entertaining, Informative and Relatable, who could create engaging content for their audience, while also shifting product for Durex.


Rather than shoving the Durex Day promotion down people’s throats, we selected and briefed creators to create entertaining content that would feel appropriate on their channel, while also driving their audience to the Durex Day promotion. In addition to the many ‘best ad ever’ comments on 5 different creators’ pages, the content collectively racked up 660k views, 73.3k likes and far outstripped performance expectations for sponsored discount code uses and gross sales.