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Made Stronger


Rugby as a category is no less competitive than the sport. Where high scale but low equity brands don’t always champion the game, smaller scale brands with higher rugby equity are too conservative. Not to mention rugby’s image problem in the UK as being perceived as ‘pale, male and stale’. The first step was a mindset shift for Canterbury of New Zealand: behave like a category leader. Our vision; A World Made Stronger by Sport.


The game is faster than ever before. And yet it lags behind its competition in terms of consumer and commercial appeal. It’s more competitive and combative than ever, and yet safety and player welfare is not a priority. It’s the most demanding it has ever been on training, kit and players and yet innovation is slow to happen. And even at the elite level, there is a place on the team for all shapes, sizes, colours and creeds, and yet the game’s image is dated. So now is the time for significant and meaningful change. Not only did we need to elevate the Canterbury brand, we also had to elevate the perception of rugby in this country.


In ‘Made Stronger’ we knew at its very best, sport can save lives. Sport can bring us together. Finding common ground and community where there may have been division and rivalry. It allows us to see a world where differences are encouraged and promoted, not excluded or prejudiced. As individuals, as teams, as communities and nations, we all want to see A World Made Stronger by Sport. This brand platform and new visual identity would form the basis of Canterbury’s activity and campaigns moving forward.