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Canterbury x IRFU

We Go Together


Many young Irish people in our insight community felt that Irish Rugby wasn’t talking to them, asking them to support the team. It wasn’t that they felt excluded, but they didn’t feel they were being communicated with. They couldn’t see themselves in the national team’s fan community. It was performance, not culture. Us, but not ALL of us. All a bit pale, male and stale. But the positive was, if asked, they’d love to support. And they’d show it.


We had to create a new appeal for Irish rugby. Away from pure performance, away from the face-painted middle classes. Something new and inclusive that still conveyed community and fandom, but with a diverse lens. Representative of ALL Ireland, not just the traditional tunnel vision of white, middle aged and middle class. The world cup was on the horizon, Ireland were one of the favourites. How would we drum up support from a broader fanbase and drive brand and sales for the three major stakeholders involved.


We Go Together breathed new life into Irish Rugby. No other nation takes their cultural pride on the road to the game quite the same way. We tapped into creative communities around Ireland and rising Irish musical stars and brought them in to a 360 integrated campaign demonstrating that Irish Rugby fandom is for everyone. We showed the Mens’ and Women’s teams relatable personalities and identities, confident, together, determined. The new face of Irish rugby works for the IRFU, Canterbury and Intersport.