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Speed Elite


For too long Canterbury had not kept up with a fast-developing rugby footwear market. They’d ignored the bleed into football categories and assumed their rugby specialist positioning and player endorsements would guarantee sales. But a new crop of hyper professional players who take an active interest in aligning the brands they endorse and the products they wear with how they play and the image the portray means those guarantees quickly run out.


An integrated campaign that delivers on our strategic intent for Canterbury to Revolutionize Rugby. Something that had to work for retail, social and the players own channels. We wanted to deliver entertaining social content and a product campaign that was sticky enough to convey our new positioning for the brand and do justice to an incredible, ground-breaking new boot the design and development team had spent well over a year perfecting. The proposition wasspeed, the time was now.


Fast is out there. A cross media campaign focussing on a product so good and so different that it must have come from somewhere else. Our creative showed how Canterbury players had been quarantined for testing, they were impossibly, inhumanly fast. Ellie Kildunne, Mack Hansen, Adam Radwan and a host of content creators ranging from the sublime (rugby specialists testing the performance) to the ridiculous (farmers finding alien crop circles in the fields). Canterbury’s image as a boot designer was changed overnight and boot sales have hit record peaks.