Category changing campaign that inspires women to live their full potential.



The gin market is growing but will soon go into decline, and the brands that aren’t established and distinctive will fall away. The clock is ticking.

To stand out from the crowd, we had to break category conventions and make BLOOM an aspirational gin for women.


The time for women is now.

While the movement for empowerment and equality has taken great strides, there are still challenges to women today.

As a brand, we want to inspire our women to realise their potential.


We created a campaign that inspires women to kill it every day.

Not with patronising gender stereotypes of empowerment and pink colour ways, but with bold, powerful, fierce women. Women who take what’s theirs, who are unapologetically defiant.

The creative platform LIVE FULL BLOOM is designed to inspire our women to fulfil their potential and seize the moment.

We took four women – all with striking, powerful and defiant looks – and reflected these personalities into each of BLOOM’s gins.

The campaign which kicked off in the summer, launched with a commercial partnership wih Barclays British Summertime Festival as the official gin sponsor. This was supported with an above the line digital London takeover of underground stations. This included digital 6 sheets, 12 sheets and escalator panels, along with paid media across both Facebook and Instagram.