Innovative and engaging influencer-led content

origins of our street style

To create unique and powerful content for the BBC iWonder platform that would engage and stimulate a younger U30 audience.
Our brief was to create engaging, fashion-focused content to connect with a younger audience demographic.


We identified that fashion – and more specifically contemporary street style – had the potential to really interest and motivate this audience. Our insight was that our contemporary street style is more than just fashion, the origins of what we wear are a fascinating window into recent history + culture.


We recruited fashion expert, Tory Turk, in order to curate six iWonder films that uncovered the question – “What are the origins of our street style?”.

Although iWonder guidelines are restricted to a template format, we pushed the boundaries with additional video and interactive assets, challenging ourselves to create an innovative, engaging and interactive guide that would appeal to the younger audiences we were targeting. We used bright, punchy visuals and film to create high-quality content with an relevant educational narrative.


We received extremely positive feedback and were voted ‘favourite guide’ by the client. The result was an engaging and relevant educational film that resonated with our audiences.