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Young women put up with a lot. Social pressure to conform, judgement from peers and the opposite sex. Everyday life can be a struggle. Throw in a pandemic and lockdown and those problems are made worse. But it’s not all bad. There’s a growing social movement amongst this audience to recognise and support eachother.


How do we recognise and contribute to that social movement by launching the biggest teen drama on Prime Video’s platform across Europe? We need to use the platform’s reach and power to engage and inspire young women to further communicate their support to each other by relating to the main theme of the series: a group of individual young women facing an uncertain future together.


Through a Europe-wide integrated campaign we delivered messages of support from influencers and social communities to young women feeling the strain of lockdown. Outdoor, social and experiential all featured key messages, visuals, props and content from the show as vehicles for real messages of reassurance and encouragement from and to a sisterhood of Gen Z and early Millennial women.