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The New Rules Of Social: Ep2: Fashion

How Depop Is Changing The Rules Of Fashion

Streep eviscerates Anne Hathaway for her choice of blue knitwear? The premise is that the fashion industry dictates the aesthetics of regular people with a combination of overlord-like creativity and single-minded avarice.

There is a more than a kernel of truth to this Hollywood movie scene. The source of power in the world of fashion has traditionally come from the few. The Karl Lagerfeld’s, the Kate Moss’, the Anna Wintour’s. A few people with untold influence over the many.

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“I will read vogue sometimes. But it’s boring. And it’s pricey. They bring a look, and it’s their brand, and they think everyone would love to have this. That just means everyone will look the same.” – Albane

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