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Generation Anxious

Nearly 70% of the 1,000 under 30s we surveyed believe that social media has a bad reputation. But is it to blame?

Gen Z’ers are experiencing a mental health crisis. Any google search will tell you social media is to blame. But we’re living in a climate of mental health white noise. Anxiety is a buzzword; editorial content is shallow; and self-care has been co-opted by brands. It’s impossible to talk about mental health without discussing the internet. But it’s a relationship that’s more nuanced than popular rhetoric gives credit for.

We examined how Gen Z’ers are destigmatizing the mental health conversation by refusing to sanitize it. From Discord to TikTok, young people are using digital spaces to find solidarity, vulnerability, humour and hope.

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“Gen Z’ers are the most empowered generation of all time. How couldn’t they be? They’ve grown up on the wave of social media age, where acceptance is the currency of choice. And yet, they’re the unhappiest generation yet.”

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