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D2C: When Products Become Brands

40% of Under 30s in the UK have purchased a D2C brand in the past 12 months.

Brands long to be in control. They spend months, sometimes years, in planning and strategy cycles designed to meticulously plot their futures. All this work is done in secret, behind closed doors and laden with NDAs. Enthusiastic marketeers then release their shiny new vision upon the world. Brands make, consumers take. Or so we think.

What if things were different? What if consuming a finished product was not enough for today’s self-starting side-hustlers? What if consumers weren’t there to simply consume? What if this passivity was an assault on their own creativity? This is no pipe-dream hypothetical scenario. It’s happening right now. We’ve spent the last few months speaking to young fashion pioneers to understand how power is being devolved from the brands to the people.

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“Our Brains Evolved To Be Rewarded By Novelty. – Prof Zervas

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