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Market Research

Consumer insights are hugely important for any brand that wants to effectively communicate with their audience, particularly when marketing to Gen Z. We provide brands with insight through our global insight network, SELFHOOD, which is made up of Next Gen audiences across the globe. 

SELFHOOD provides us with consumer insight that moves at the speed of culture. That’s what gives us the edge. Lots of people want a one-size-fits-all answer to a google search of “Marketing to Millennials” – but this doesn’t exist. The Next Gen is perpetually in flux, and more so now than ever before. That’s why we go above and beyond the traditional research model to offer each brand a bespoke approach that is simply unavailable elsewhere, allowing them to get closer than ever to their audience.

So while we are certainly not a market research company, we are able to provide many of the services they do, due to the breadth and accessibility of our SELFHOOD network.

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