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Why We Need An Advertising Agency


When we talk to new clients, one question that crops up more than any other is “tell us why we need an advertising agency?”. We’re always happy to explain why, because to us, it’s vital our clients not only receive value for money, but they see why they’re getting value for money.

Here’s what our experience tells us about why taking on an advertising agency for your brand can be worth its weight in gold.


Our deep understanding of Next Gen attitudes and beliefs makes us the best Youth Marketing Agency there is. Whether you’re a small business without your own marketing department or a larger organization that needs a fresh pair of sharp eyes, our combined experience creating and promoting brands to the youth market is unrivalled.

Take a look at some of our targeted and integrated work with Bloom Gin, for example. Our New Balance Lifestyle ad campaign. It’s authentic and gives Next Gen Audiences what they want: to see past the advertising and genuinely understand the brand before buying.


Of course, you know your own company inside out. That’s your job. But, an ad agency’s role is to bring a fresh perspective to something you and your audience may have looked at for years. We at Zakagency will create new and exciting campaigns that people notice, talk about and share.

Our experience and understanding of the youth market give us the ability to be objective about your brand and your products. We can advise you on what offline and online campaigns work best for you without being tied into particular ad mediums. Maybe you’ve had the same logo, ads and web and social content for years. An ad agency can show you why it needs to be different, how it can be altered and help you make those changes.

Time and Money

Like gin and tonic, time and money have a symbiotic relationship. Taking on an ad agency has to save you time and money. Instead of spending time on ad campaigns, you can focus on growing your business. The right advertising agency will negotiate lower media rates with the outlets your target demographic engages with. Suddenly, the ads you thought were way outside your budget become a reality without you having to recruit an in-house team to do the heavy lifting.

Here at ZAK, we can talk you through the excellent relationships we’ve cultivated with media outlets to get the best deal for your brand. An advertising agency will look at your budget, ensure it’s spent wisely and provides value for money so that your campaign has a lasting impact.

Advertising and Branding Go Hand in Hand

Signing up an ad agency shouldn’t be seen as a stand-alone decision. You want to grow, promote and develop your brand with your desired target audience. This includes, for example, ensuring that all your branding and messaging is integrated across all your campaigns, not just the advertising ones. And all your campaigns should be substantiated by audience and cultural insight, strategy and planning and a lot of cultural and creative understanding of your contemporary audience.


Developing a successful brand isn’t as simple as it may seem. Hiring an ad agency with the expertise, objectivity and creativity will go a long way to ensuring your brand’s campaigns resonate with your target demographic. Not only that, but an agency can bring much-needed creativity to the table when crafting logos, brand names and identities. The same goes for rebranding, where an agency should use research and real-time analysis of your target audience and market to fuel their work.

They’ll use different mediums such as outdoor, social media and shareable video content, breaks the rules and resonates with target audiences. Take a look at ZAK’s work with Dune as just one example of what we can do for you.

Problem Solving

What it boils down to is that anyone looking for an ad agency wants a creative solution to promote their business, grow their brand, and attract their target market.

Your ad agency has to offer an insight into what your business needs, its target audience, and the solutions to whatever challenges you’re facing. With all that in mind, they’ll then create an integrated campaign using advertising mediums that work best for your brand and audience.

No one can solve their problems on their own. Taking on an advertising agency that understands your business needs, be it for a new logo, an ad campaign, or relaunching a brand to resonate with your target audience. Hiring an agency to solve problem for you will enhance your business and free you up to spend time where you’re needed.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, hiring an ad agency has to be about your bottom line and exponentially grow your business. Investing your time and money in the right ad agency will build your brand with great campaigns and great advertising. Want to know more? Get in touch and say hello.