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Why video production should matter to your brand


Video production is often at the top of a brand’s to-do list, from advertising to marketing strategies. With the rise of Tiktok, Youtube and other video-based media, more and more brands are looking to engage with this type of content. Why?

Because video content is where the money is. According to Statista, over three billion internet users watched, streamed, or downloaded videos at least once per month in 2020. As a result, video content dominates the web.

As a result, many creative agencies in London cater to this demand. They can help brands to develop video content and convert consumers. But, if your audience is primarily consuming video content, they will be quick to judge whether your content is appealing or not.

You need to ensure your video production is high quality. But equally important, the content you are making needs to reach the right users. And send the right message.

So, let’s talk about video production.

What it is and why it matters to your brand

Video production is the process of creating video content. It involves:

  • Scripting
  • Logistics
  • Recruitment and casting
  • Filming
  • Editing

Video production companies will use lighting and filming equipment to achieve the desired effect. Then editing will polish the content for publishing. Video production can be a huge undertaking. It requires trained and knowledgeable staff who understand what a brand is looking for.

Online videos have an audience reach of over 90% worldwide. When done right, these videos can become the latest viral phenomenon. Opening new channels and creating new audiences for your brand.

As a matter of fact, Cisco predicts that Internet video traffic will make up 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2022. This presents a vast, global opportunity for brands to:

  • Expand their reach
  • Gain new leads
  • Generate revenue

But, in reality, brands often lack the resources to achieve this goal. For example, 43% of marketers say their brands lack the in-house skill to produce quality video content. Another 40% remarked that they simply lack the budget. Equipment, staffing and paying for editors, animators, actors and directors are hefty bills. This is why many turn to a video production company. They already have the tools for the job. But are such companies really the best choice?

Why do you need a creative agency in London to help your brand?

While video production companies specialise in creating content, they often need a brand to facilitate research, customer profiles and outlines.

In contrast, a creative agency can produce high-quality video content. Still, they can also capture what brands want from their video production – who they want to appeal to, how to appeal to them and why.

ZAK does all this and more. From research to production, we’re here to help every step of the way. We change ideas into results with data-driven insights, a professional production team and marketing excellence.

So, why not see what we can do for you today?