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Why Content Writing is Important For Branding


Before we launch into answering this big question, let’s just get a few things straight. Branding is way more than just a nice logo, a cool company name and a few pretty visuals and colours. It’s how your customers see you and interpret what you stand for. It’s the difference between them investing their time, money and loyalty with you.

While we’re in no way denigrating the importance of great visuals and design, one of the most essential parts of any brand hinges on its meaning and interpretation. ZAK believes that content writing is one of the most important ways to raise a brand’s awareness.

Why Content Writing?

Excellent quality writing gives your brand a unique tone of voice across all your channels, from your website, social media and ad copy to longer-form blogs and bite-size sentences in video ads. The most important thing is consistent, high quality and engages your audience with your brand messages. Excellent content writing is another way of engaging and retaining your audience. It develops a relationship with your brand that has the potential to outstrip visuals long after they’ve faded from memory.

ZAK is a next-generation creative agency that loves the written word and understands its impact on consumers. Look at our visual yet copy-driven work for Fortnum & Mason and some of our blog writing for starters.

Longevity and Value For Money

Many ingredients go into a successful brand or rebranding campaign. However, one essential component that’s sometimes forgotten is the written word. Content writing gives your audience value for money, so it doesn’t feel it’s just being inundated with ads and visuals. You’re giving them shareable and relatable content, has meaning and has a lasting impact.

ZAK content production agency can tailor your copy to fit your website, social sites, landing pages and all your marketing collateral. We understand the importance of value for money while strengthening your brand way after your high impact visuals have left the party.

Content for Millennials and Gen Z: Every Second Counts

Millennials and Gen Z aren’t easy to impress. Nor do you have a lot of time in which to impress them with your sparkling content. For Gen Z, it’s about 8 seconds and Millennials around 12. That’s all the time you have, so your storytelling has to be concise, compelling, personalised and captivating, it’s what they expect in return for their loyalty and engagement. Rather than hard-sell content, they want writing that sparks their imagination and speaks to what’s important to them.

The reason ZAK knows how to write content for Millennials and Gen Z is that they tell us in no uncertain terms what they want, what moves them and what leaves them cold. SELFHOOD is part of the family. Our global group of U30 gives us real-time insight into what we do.

User-Generated Content

An effective way of establishing audience engagement with your brand is to encourage them to generate their own content. The trick is to inspire them to do it. The more you create your own content and encourage your audience to do the same, the bigger the conversation about your brand. Whether that user-generated content is in the form of comments, reviews, or photos, it’s a successful way of engaging audiences with your brand and propel your messages that bit further.

Content Writing and SEO

Written content that’s incorporated into your videos, posters, social posts and the rest of your marketing content will improve your SEO rankings. And if your SEO rankings are higher, your brand gets more visibility. Simple so far. The hard part is to structure your content so that it achieves this golden aim.

ZAK understands the importance of writing for your audience first and structuring content that may be keyword and image-rich but packs a punch nonetheless.

Words = Power

Never downplay the power of well-written content and its impact upon your brand. It’s food for thought for your audience that inspires them to return for seconds and thirds. Great content writing tells your story so that your audience sees who you are.

Let ZAK tell you how our written word will give your brand power. Get in touch and say hello.