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Why Choose a Youth Marketing Agency


Any business that wants longevity for its products knows that to achieve that exalted status, it has to start selling to a younger audience. Attracting the attention of Millennials (26-40) and Gen Z (18-25) is no easy feat.

That’s why some businesses turn to the experts to help them achieve their goals. We’re talking about hiring a specialist youth marketing agency.

You may be wondering why you should bother, why not stick with your existing tried and tested agency? Here’s why:

Spending Power

A youth marketing agency will be able to demonstrate their deep understanding of Millennial and Gen Z spending power. In particular, they’ll understand that the Millennial pound has real influence and that the Gen Z pound matters a great deal too.

While COVID-19 will have undoubtedly impacted spending across all generations, last year it was predicted that by 2020 Gen Z would command 40% of all consumer shopping, while Millennials were predicted to spend $1.4 trillion worldwide.

ZAK is a next-generation creative agency that uses its audience spending insights to create engaging, relevant and shareable campaigns that boost your brand and bottom line. Look at our work with Barbour Beacon for starters.

Youth Market Strategy

If you’re dipping your toe in the youth market for the first time, you’re going to need some help. The same applies if you already market to this audience but have noticed your brand awareness and sales figures are in decline.

A credible youth marketing agency will help you build or adapt your youth marketing strategy through:

  • Audience insight (data, qualitative and quantitative research
  • Sales targets
  • Creatives (words, pictures, videos) that talk to your audience
  • Audience engagement

A youth marketing strategy is a foundation upon which you can build your brand and engage a younger audience who stays with you throughout their life journey.

Read about our award-winning strategy for New Balance.

Audience Insight

Before you start marketing to the U30s, you need to know the facts, that’s where a specialist agency can help you get it right the first time around. Ideally, you’ll be looking for an agency that can give you insights into:

  • The impact of societal and cultural changes upon your audience
  • Where your audience hangs out (online and in-person)
  • What drives them, moves them, worries them, makes them laugh
  • Their spending habits, what they look for and what they expect
  • Their attitude towards finances

You can’t stay in tune with your audience if you can’t hear what they have to say. That’s why ZAK created SELFHOOD, our very own real-time U30s global group of consumers who don’t hold back.

Mind Your Language

We’re not simply talking about the right tone of voice here; we’re talking about the language you use when trying to sell to the youth market. By working with a youth marketing agency, you can make your messages clear, relevant, and tailored to all the different platforms you plan on using such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and print.

ZAK’s extensive experience as a creative agency means we’ve created engaging campaigns for multiple brands that tell your story: who you are, what you stand for, what you have to offer and what makes you different from all your competitors.


Boomer branding is not the same as Millennial and Gen Z branding. By working with a youth marketing agency, you’re giving yourself a better chance at successful generational marketing that’s aimed at a younger audience.

Apart from strategy, this starts with a creative and engaging brand design that gives your products a unique generationally relevant identity, positions your brand by showing your audience what you stand for, generates web and social traffic and drives conversions.

Have a peek at some of our brand storytelling work for BLOOM GIN and New Balance for a small taste of what we can do. We can take you from logo to language and help your branding stand above that of your competitors.

Before We Go

Regardless of your products, marketing to an U30s audience is one area no brand should ignore investing in. Contact us to say hello and hear about how we can be part of your brand’s journey from strategy to sales success.