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What’s the Benefit of Using an Ad Agency?


In a saturated market, small businesses can struggle to thrive. That is why ad campaigns are so crucial to giving great ideas the boost they need to get in front of the masses. No matter how good your product or service, it won’t get bought unless it is seen first! The global market agrees. In 2019, the total global spending on advertisingamounted to $563.02 billion!

One way to meet all your advertising needs is by hiring an ad agency. You might think that doing this in-house is the way to go, and there are advantages to doing it this way as well. However, working with an ad agency could not only produce great results for your business. It could also save you time and money!

What are the benefits of using an ad agency?

We’re about to take a look at that question.

What do Ad Agencies do?

Advertising Agencies employ a variety of marketing and promotional channels to create a strategy that will increase your brand’s market share, revenue, or brand awareness.

They use mediums such as television, email marketing, social media, radio, and print advertising to spread the word about your products or services. Ad Agencies have creative departments that focus on making all materials appealing and consistent with the brand identity. Buying teams analyze the audience to understand which channels are best to deliver campaigns.

Ad Agencies come in a variety of sizes. Some specialize in a particular area or enjoy experts with specific competitive edges. Of course, your marketing can be handled by your own brand in-house. This usually requires you to hire on designers, content strategists, and SEO experts to assemble a team that has the versatile skillset advertising needs.

However, there are plenty of benefits to outsourcing advertising to an agency.

A Team of Experts

The most significant advantage of hiring an ad agency is that it gives your brand access to an established team of experts. Advertising agencies have hired staff with different skill sets. They usually have a skilled individual on hand that specializes in each of the elements that go into advertising. They have designers, copywriters, and SEO experts at hand, as well as those that specialize in researching your audience and aligning your campaign with your brand.

If you were to do this in-house, you would need to hire several individuals at a salary. Chances are you would not be able to build a team that covers everything, and certain areas would not be met with the same level of expertise.

Save Time

Hiring an agency can save you plenty of business hours. The task will be taken off your plate, meaning you and your staff are free to focus on other things. Simultaneously, ad agencies have more team they can allocate to your campaign. This means that they can put far more manhours towards it in a much shorter, overall time. Depending on their schedule and availability, this could mean you get results faster.

Save Money

Considering the cost it would take to hire an in-house marketing team on, Ad agencies could end up being the cheaper solution. If you are training your own staff, you are facing recruitment and onboarding costs. Alternatively, if you’re a small business, and you’re putting team towards marketing that isn’t generally dedicated to this task, you will likely lose revenue and productivity elsewhere.

Ad agencies can also save you money thanks to the connections they have with publishers and radio and TV stations. They can get cheaper rates than you might be able to were you to deal with them directly. Additionally, ad agencies have established processes, resources, and tools that allow them to repurpose materials and work efficiently.


Advertising agencies can take care of all elements of branding. As a result, you can walk away with more than a single ad campaign. Ad agencies can help you develop your brand identity and message. The agencies are experts in this field and can deliver professional work that will make your brand stand out.

They also frequently adopt brand messages into campaigns and know how to preserve your values and identity in your advertising efforts. This is crucial for sending the right message to your customers.

A Fresh Perspective

Part of what makes working with an ad agency so exciting and effective is that they have a completely fresh take on your brand. As you are so close to your own business, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut with the same ideas floating around. These are not always the best ideas, nor do they tend to be the most exciting.

Ad agencies have seen fare more ads than you have likely encountered and will know what could be a unique take on the market. They can see your brand as a consumer would see it – for the first time, without any bias.

Are You Looking to Work with an Ad Agency?

We hope this article has illustrated some benefits of working with an ad agency that you might not have considered before. With their creative expertise and specialized teams, ad agencies can often produce stunning work that trumps what small businesses can deliver on their own. So why not consult ad agencies in London to see how they can help you?

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