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What You Need to Ask Your Design Agency in London


If you’re looking for the top creative agencies in London, it can be hard to narrow down your choice. A creative or design agency is a team dedicated to bringing your content to life. This can include planning, production and distribution of your brand’s material.

But with so many agencies in the business of marketing, design and social management, knowing where to place your bet can be hard.

So, in this article, we’ll look at the questions you need to ask when hiring a designer or design agency in London.

Q.1.) How Does Your Agency Approach a Project?

Top creative agencies in London need a clear project management style that’s able to:

  1. Identify your needs
  2. Know what outcomes you expect
  3. Break down the project into achievable tasks
  4. Understand your audience and competition
  5. A clear timeline for your goals

Many design agencies can offer significant portfolios and designs from the get-go. However, just because one method has worked for one company doesn’t mean it will work for your needs, outcomes and goals.

Q.2.) What’s the Timeline and Budget?

As discussed in the previous question, a clear understanding of the agency’s method will help ensure that any promises of timelines and budgets are met. However, having written documentation of both the budget and timeline is essential. This might seem obvious, but be wary of:

  • Agencies who give unrealistically short timelines
  • Agencies who offer prices way below the market guidelines

While this may not mean they can’t produce the outcomes intended, you may get mediocre or substandard results.

Q.3.) What Qualities Do You Look For in a Client?

This question might seem odd as you are the employer. But, really, this question is designed to find out if their goals and attitude match with yours. It’s one thing to ask – what do you stand for? However, just like any other interview, the agency may be inclined to tell you what you want to hear. It’s likely they’ve researched your brand or business before the meeting and will simply align their goals with yours. By reframing the question, you can get a clear perspective on what criteria they use to evaluate a good working relationship. As well as common qualities between your business and theirs.

Tips and Takeaways 

Keep an eye out for the answers to these questions. You can learn to spot any red flags before going into business with a design agency in London.

If you want the best outcome for your project, you want an agency that understands the market and you as a brand.

To see how we can help you achieve these goals, contact ZAK today to set up a meeting.