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What Should I Look For in a Video Production Company in London?


You have a fantastic product that’s just crying out to be blasted into the world with some amazing videos that get you thousands of shares and sales. You may even have some ideas about how that’s going to look. Alternatively, you find yourself staring at a blank piece of paper and wondering where to go for dinner tonight. Either way, you’re going to need the help of a video production company, London based or elsewhere, that totally gets your product and you.

So, to take the pain out of that process, here’s ZAK’s take on what to look for in a video production company and a few questions you should ask before hiring them.

Seeing is Believing

A professional portfolio of high-quality work will tell you almost, but not everything, about a company and its work. Don’t get hung up on quantity, it’s the quality of the work that counts. Ask yourself: Do the videos have great visuals and audio? Do they match the ethos of the product they’re representing? Does the company’s work reflect the kind of vibe you’re looking for?

ZAK is a next-generation video production company that works collaboratively with its clients. We show a genuine understanding of our target audience: just see and believe.

Happy Clients

Don’t just take your prospective video company’s word for it. Check out their testimonials. It’s great to see client testimonials that sing a company’s praises, but what about a bit of data too? Ask to see the figures behind the praise. What impact did their video have on sales, shares and brand loyalty?

ZAK likes to create ambitious, brave and bold videos for its clients and we’re happy for them to tell our new clients the full story.

Real Understanding 

Whichever company you go with, they have to demonstrate they understand your target audience, where they live, and how they spend their time and money.

The right video production company will help you define who your audience is, what the call to action is and where the video will be seen.

ZAK is a video production and different creative agency. We live and breathe Millennials, Gen Z and early Adopters and their approach to the digital world. Our unique access to SELFHOOD, a global network of U30s means we can create relevant and responsive video campaigns that talk to your target audience.

Creative and Clear

A video production company that’s bursting with ideas is great. Still, if their approach to their work is chaotic with no anticipated timeframe or budget, you’re going to be in trouble pretty quickly.

Ask the companies on your shortlist when they can start and finish. Also take note of how the agency communicates with you throughout, how long they take to return calls or reply to messages. See if their testimonials mention their punctuality and approach to deadlines.

Conversations about budgets don’t have to be painful. If they are, take it as a warning sign. While you must be clear about your budget from the outset, it’s equally important the company you’re considering, delivers on time and within your spending parameters.

Who’s Who

Of course, you’re going to get the top team around the pitching table promising you the world. But where are they once they’ve secured your business? Ensure that whoever you sign with isn’t just there at the pitch but will be with you throughout your video production journey. You also need to know what each person’s credentials are and that each time you call, they’re not always “out with a client”.

The chemistry between you and the video team has to be right, and we don’t mean combustible! The best teams work collaboratively and aren’t afraid of each other’s skills. Your video production company will hopefully bring a fresh perspective and creative expertise to the table. This should complement your brand vision’s – so that when you come together, it makes for a beautiful recipe.

Here at ZAK, we’re a team. We’re there from start to finish, and you’ll always be part of the story. As a taster, look at some of our aspirational videos for Topdeck Travel.

ZAK’s team is just that. A team. We show up, we collaborate, and you’ll see every cog in our wheel. Look at the background story to our compelling and inspiring work for Bloom Gin.

Final Take

We hope our take on what you need to look for in a video production company helps. It’s important not to be seduced by a great looking video alone. Your chosen company has to be the full package. Otherwise, you risk the whole exercise being an expensive headache. And, you have to feel at ease with who you’re working with and always feel it’s fine to ask questions.

Find out more about ZAK. Ask us some questions. Get in touch and say hello.