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What Makes a Good Advertisement Poster


When we talk to our clients about advertising campaigns, we like them to know precisely what they’re going to get from us. We want them to get value for money and to see and believe they’re getting what they need to boost their brand.

A successful recipe for a brand campaign where the outcome causes your product’s position and awareness to rise will include several essential ingredients. One of these is advertising.

One of our favourite ingredients is the tried and tested ad poster. Yes, we know they’ve long been used as a way of attracting attention, but today’s ad posters are much more. They’re an essential ingredient in an effective marketing campaign for your brand.

So what makes a good ad poster? The best advertising company in London, like ZAK, will be able to tell you. So grab a drink and let us tell you all about it.

Stand Out From The Crowd

It’s a crowded marketplace. We know that. That’s why your poster has to grab attention with a strong message, striking visuals and be relatable. You want your audience to share your poster, to talk about it and to be inspired by it. If someone either walks or scrolls past it, then your design needs some attention.

ZAK knows all about striking images. Take a look at our rule-breaking visuals for Bloom Gin that attracted a whole new audience of women drinking Bloom.

Reaches its Audience

No successful ad poster is going to work if the creatives behind it don’t speak to the intended audience. Your chosen agency has to demonstrate a deep understanding of your desired audience so that your ad posters engage, influence and lead to sales.

ZAK is a next-generation creative agency that lives and breathes the U30 market, what they like, dislike, where they go and what they do. We’ve gone one step further and created SELFHOOD, our very own and unique network of U30s who give us honest insight at the speed of light on all our work before it hits the streets.

It Works Big and Small

Although most poster designs are for print-related projects, a successful ad poster will work in mini form and online too. What’s suitable for a billboard can be good for Facebook and Instagram also.

ZAK works to scale. Take a look at some of our visually striking work for Fortnum & Mason that cut through the clutter at Heathrow’s T5 and St Pancras railway station in London.

It’s All About the Picture

Your ad poster may come in different sizes, but it still needs to have a strong image. A lot of posters indeed have big images slap bang in the middle with some impactful contrast. We agree. However, it’s also possible to create impactful ad posters with smaller images accompanied by powerful copy.

ZAK doesn’t use formulas. We look at what your brand needs, where the posters are going to be located and design accordingly. Our Fortnum & Mason campaign was image and copy driven. Yet, our work for Dune used big and bold pictures as part of a global Head Over Heels ad campaign.

It’s Cost-Effective

Print runs, design and photography costs and billboard spaces cost money. A good ad poster doesn’t have to cost the earth. Posters are a cost-effective way of promoting your brand. But if your chosen agency doesn’t talk through your budgets and advise which printing technique best suits your needs, be worried.

ZAK’s approach is collaborative. We’re a team. We don’t just show up, ignore you and do what we want. We work with our clients from concept to design and beyond. We listen. You’ll be part of the journey.

Calls to Action

Here’s the why.

A call to action is the reason why you want your audience to read your poster. There could be multiple reasons you want your ad posters to be seen and read, whether it’s to join a campaign, buy a product, take part in an event or all of those reasons.

Whatever your reasons, ZAK understands that a successful ad poster will be in a location where people can see it and read it.

What Next?

If you have a brand that’s crying out for some attention, let ZAK take a look. Get in touch and say hello.