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What is Content Production and Why it’s Important


Consumers are exposed to and digest content every day. In the case of Gen Z, it’s often in the form of video content for as much as 3.4 hours a day, while Millennials watch videos for 2.5 hours a day.

Content is used to keep us informed and engaged with the world. Governments use it, companies use it, and individuals use it to project an idea about ourselves to the world. Content can attract (and sometimes repel!) an audience and followers and offer an opportunity for them to engage with you in a more meaningful fashion.

But how does that actually happen? Stay with us.

What’s Content Production?

Basically, it’s the process brands, and agencies like ZAK use to generate ideas that will attract a specific target audience, using both visuals (AV, stills) and the written word. Content product aims to be easily accessible, transparent, engaging and shareable.

As a top line, we’re talking about customised content in the form of blogs, posters, web content, videos, infographics and so on.

Why is it Important? 

When you create valuable and meaningful content, you’re giving your target audience a little bit more than the norm. Instead of just sticking out an ad about a new product, content production and creation attracts your target audience to your social sites and website and offers top-quality engagement.

Here are some stats:

  • 68% of people will read about brands that interest them
  • 80% appreciate learning about a brand through customised content
  • 54% of consumers want to see more video content

But, any brand determined to up its content production needs to have a strategy in place if it wants to grow its business.

A Content Production Strategy

To avoid derailing at the start, you need a plan. Your content production strategy needs the following ingredients for success:

Content goals: what you want your video/blogs/stills to achieve


Who your audience/buyer persona is: what they like, their demographics, what they believe in, where they hang out online and in person, what their opinions are and so on.

Your Buyer’s Journey With Your Brand

If you want your intended audience to engage with every aspect of your brand, you have to give them the right content to enable that. Therefore, your content production plan has to support this.

For example, we suggest short video production content as part of your plan to talk about brand awareness. This content can be adapted for all online platforms from websites to YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Where deeper engagement is concerned, you’re going to need something meatier to back that up with blogs, longer-form video content, maybe a podcast, and some paid promotions.

Educate Your Audience

Your content needs to educate your audience if you want more profound and longer-lasting engagement. This includes longer form copy that’s written in language that resonates.  Stills and AV need to carry weight and tell stories that your audience identifies with that matter to them. You’re showing your audience that their values are yours too.

It can’t look like you’re paying lip service to current changing cultural concerns, whether it’s global warming, equality, #MeToo, mental health or economic security.

Content Production and SEO

If you want content people can find, your content production plan needs to include SEO for optimisation. It means your videos, blogs and so on will appear in relevant searches, and your brand’s profile is raised. Ideally, this means you work with an experienced creative content agency that can sort out your content production plan and ensure your content is vital, adds value and includes keywords.

Content Production and Social Media

Social media platforms are one of our favourite ways to connect with younger audiences, no surprises there. These platforms are perfect for connecting with a broader audience and establishing meaningful relationships where you can talk directly to Gen Z and Millennials. Creating content tailored for these platforms is also a way of inviting people to enter into a lasting relationship with your brand.

ZAK is a next-generation creative agency in London that works with High Stakes Films to create original and successful video and film content production for brands who want to connect with an U30s audience. So check us out, say