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What is brand design?


Humans are visual creatures. The way a brand presents itself to consumers can have a greater effect than some might realise. It’s not just a way to differentiate you from your competitors.

A professional brand design agency will know what visual cues signify trust and character and what will entice your consumers to buy.

This article will look at what brand design is and why it matters. As well as covering some key insights you need to know about brand design.

What it is and why it matters

Brand design is the way businesses create their visual identity. It’s a way to show your personality and strategically position yourself on the market. It considers the unified presentation of all your graphic elements, including imagery, typography, logos and colours. These aspects filter into every communication you have with your audience. You might think of brand design as the touchpoint for all the marketing materials and strategies you create.

Recent research on brand design and consumer behaviour shows that different design elements can impact your audience segments differently. What this means is when creating a brand design, it needs to be targeted toward your ideal demographic. But there are some things to be aware of no matter who your consumers are.

Brand design insights

According to a Stakla report, 88% of consumers say authenticity is critical in deciding what brand to support. But what is authenticity?


It’s a popular marketing term, but what does it mean for buyers? Here’s what buyers think:

  1. The most authentic content is user generated.
  2. In the second place brand-generated content.
  3. Third influencer content.

(According to a Stackla report.)

For brands who have simply copied and pasted popular designs, this can negatively reflect buyer perceptions. In other words, you need your own images, unique typography and logos.


The use of imagery is another powerful tool in your brand design toolkit. Since the pandemic, more and more people have taken to shopping online. As a result of people not seeing products in person, the type of photos and videos used have become essential to buying decisions. 56% of consumers say images and videos have more of an influence on their buying than before the pandemic. Another 59% said they would leave an online store that didn’t have any photos.


In a Reboot study, brands with a signature colour increased their brand recognition by 80%. They noted primary colours were the most memorable. And that different colours could connote different meanings. Red for passion; blue for dependability; yellow for happiness – think McDonald’s.

All these aspects rely on you consistently bringing your brand design to wherever buyers find you.

So, who can help you with brand design? 

A creative marketing agency has all the benefits of a brand design agency, from knowledge to design skills. But what a creative marketing agency does differently is they bring it all together to produce a complete brand strategy.

Just take a look at how Zakagency has been helping brands to change how they think about consumers.