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What Does a Youth Advertising Agency Do?


There are various creative agencies with a multitude of focuses. But in this recent decade, youth advertising agencies’ presence has become more and more noticeable – although the importance of advertising to the youth might not be immediately apparent.

After all, do young people really engage with commercial content all that much? Do they have the necessary spending power to be a worthwhile target audience? And how do these agencies propose to appeal to a generation they are not themselves part of, anyway?

As one of London’s top creative agencies, we say youth marketing is one of the most crucial things your brand can do to win new customers that will be with you for years to come. Let’s talk about that!

Why Youth Matters

Youth marketing is a broad term that generally describes all marketing efforts directed toward young people. Anyone who has ever met a tween or teenager knows how quickly young humans develop at that age. That’s why the youth group is often broken down into smaller segmented groups based on their age.

The range covers anyone aged 13-30, which includes Gen Z and Millenials. Or, in other words, pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults. This should already give you some idea of the broad audience groups included in youth marketing and the phenomenal spending power they represent.

Whilst the youngest of that audience doesn’t have much expendable income themselves. They influence the buying behaviours of friends and family. The frequent use of social media boosts this effect as a way for youths to share their opinions with broad audiences.

This is not to be underestimated. Young people can start trends, shift markets, and get many eyes on your product if you do it right.

Does Youth Marketing Matter to Small Businesses?

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that targeting campaigns to young people is a luxury and benefit reserved for big-name brands. But even local businesses can benefit from youth marketing. They can tune into the Millenial habit to use discounts and coupons to be more thrifty and offer special sales in their businesses.

Any small business can also unfold social media’s true potential if they know how to sell socially online.

Youth marketing is also not only applicable to businesses that sell products specifically targeting young people. If you sell home appliances and are already tuning out at the thought of teenage customers, don’t forget that those very consumers will walk into your store in a few years looking to outfit their first flats!

How Do Youth Advertising Agencies Capture the Attention of Young People?

A significant component of selling to young people is to appreciate their importance as a consumer audience. This includes treating them with no sense of superiority or disdain. Whilst there are generational differences, youth agencies understand that young people are, in fact, some of the savviest and well-researched consumers in our industry.

Gen Z has grown up with information at their fingertips from a very young age. They can sense when brands are being inauthentic and can identify empty sales pitches behind social media campaigns. They are also much more conscientious, inspiring brands to develop their values and take a stance.

Youth advertising agencies understand that:

  • Young audiences seek authentic connections with their brands. The right advertising company in London can help brands find ways to create emotionally resonant content and develop a consistent tone for their campaigns.
  • Young audiences rely heavily on mobile devices. The best youth advertising agencies will create content that works optimally on mobile.
  • Gen Z and Millenials seek experiences. Novelty and a unique approach are rewarded.
  • Social Media is a great way to engage young consumers. The right agency understands these channels and how to make the most of them.
  • Authenticity is key. Marketers should know how to cut the bullsh*t and focus on transparent and authentic value propositions.
  • They need to work closely with youth networks like ZAK’s selfhood to understand these generations’ evolving needs.

Young Consumers Don’t Have to be a Mystery. Work with a Youth Advertising Agency to Capture That Audience.


The youth is a thrifty, clever and insightful audience group with massive spending and influence power. Whether through social media, traditional campaigns, or influencer marketing, there are many ways to get through to them and offer them the experience they seek.

ZAK is a creative advertising agency in London that is committed to understanding what makes today’s youth tick. With our network of young consumers, we constantly watch how trends get redefined and buying behaviours change. Today, get in touch to discuss how we can help your business target young consumers with ground-breaking campaigns.