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What Does a Branding Agency Do?


Your company has new product or an existing product that’s looking a bit tired and isn’t selling too well anymore. Or, you’re a company that needs a complete overhaul in terms of how its perceived in the big wide world.

If you fit into any of the above, the right branding agency can help you turn your company around. But before you leap in and start hearing pitch after pitch from branding agencies, grab a coffee and read on.

Any competitive branding agency is going to want to win your account. You may hear all sorts of promises and assurances. Sometimes those promises will need to be challenged. For you to do that, we’ve put together this short explanation of what a branding agency actually does.

Big Picture

A branding agency will look at your company and/or product and create, plan, grow and measure your brand strategy. They’ll gain deep insight into your company culture and its goals and design and implement a brand strategy that communicates this to the right target audience. If you’re unclear what your goals and target audience are, a branding agency will help you get to the root of that.

The aim is to make you stand out from your competitors and of course, where relevant, increase sales. Take a peek at ZAK’s work with Fortnum & Mason as just one example of our brand strategy work.

Now, the detail. Here’s what the right branding agency should achieve:

Strategy first, Detail Later

Your brand is who you are at your core, how you look and feel, and what you promise to your audience. A branding agency is a fresh pair of eyes. They will ask you difficult questions and hopefully offer up some honest, no flannel advice and ideas about your brand.

The right branding agency is one that totally gets you and your target audience. They can create your brand strategy for you by immersing themselves in your company culture. They’ll work with you to clearly define your identity, what your vision and goals are, who your audience is – what they do, where they go, how they live, etc. They’ll also research and provide insight into your market and competitors.

Knowing the above allows the branding agency to create a strategy for your brand and brand guidelines. Both influence everything that follows. Have a peek at ZAK’s work with New Balance Lifestyle, where we created their first-ever global brand guidelines.

Understand Your Audience

Using insight and analytics, a branding agency can give you a deep understanding of your target audience. Here at ZAK, we live and breathe Millennials, Generation Z and Early Adopters. We have SELFHOOD, a global network of U30s. They give us a no holds barred real-time take on our campaigns. They help us make them bold, brave, relevant, meaningful and consistent so that your brand gets the visibility you crave. Even in lockdown.


Before any campaign gets underway, you’re going to need materials and designs. We’re talking about a logo, packaging, online and offline content, and well-written copy that resonates with your audience. All have to fall in line with brand guidelines. It’s the stuff that translates your brand’s vision into a look and feel. The right content will be bold, it will influence, educate and inspire and be shareable across all social sites.

Take a look at some of ZAK’s creative photographic work for BLOOM Gin as a taster of some of our work.

Create Campaigns

Once you have your strategy and audience defined, and design and communications in place, your branding agency can crack on. They’ll create amazing, creative, bold, beautiful and shareable campaigns, using a variety of on and offline mediums. Not only that, but they can measure their sales and engagement success.

Have a look at some of ZAK’s wide-reaching campaigns here for an idea of the type of campaign the right branding agency can create for you.

What You Can Do

Before leaping into the arms of a branding agency you’re really impressed with, take a step back and ask them a few questions first:

  • Can they stick to your budget and show you precise costs?
  • What’s their experience with your target audience?
  • Can they give detailed examples of past campaigns and their timetables?
  • Do they have any client testimonials?
  • Are any of their clients your competitors?
  • What return on investment can I expect?
  • How can you differentiate my brand from that of my competitors?
  • Who will be handling the account?

and don’t forget to ask yourself:

  • Is the chemistry right?
  • Is the agency a good fit for my organisation and my products?

So there you have it. Now you know what a branding agency does and should do bravely, boldly and creatively. Now you can find out what ZAK can do for your brand. Find out more. Get in touch and say hello.