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What Do the Top Creative Agencies in London Do?


Let’s give a breakdown of what you can expect from a top creative agency in London:

Research and Insights

The first step for any marketing or advertising approach is research. To create a campaign, you need a fundamental understanding of the consumer – their identity, behaviour, and values. Consumer insights champion this methodology. It is research carried out through various indirect and direct practices such as focus groups, user engagement, quantitative and qualitative research. The insights can help segment an audience, capture consumer profiles and recognise the best marketing approach.


When you clearly understand who your target audience is, you can move into the planning stage. Designing a campaign uses your research and insights to help you decide the best strategies and tools to achieve your goals. For example, if your demographic mainly uses TikTok instead of Facebook, you will want to target your content there. In addition, your research should facilitate the best communication method (i.e. email vs social media), advertisement format (video, image, etc.) and engagement strategy (such as influencer marketing, branded content or sponsored ads etc.).

Content Creation

The next step is getting your message across. When the agency has chosen the best approach for your brand, it will produce content that lives up to your ideas. In a way, this step is where a top creative agency will stand out from others. The production value and narrative expression will be what carries your brand to customers. Moreover, the format and medium in which the message is conveyed will be a crucial part of its uptake.

Content creation can be an uphill and complex task. It can involve filming, animation and audio productions. However, the best agencies will have the equipment, expertise and commitment to get a project off the ground.


Advertising is part and parcel of modern content creation. For example, branded content is often indistinguishable from regular content. The best advertising will promote your brand whilst entertaining and informing and, most importantly, be of value to your consumers.

There are many different advertising strategies, from traditional PPC to influencer endorsement. The best agencies will tactically and decisively select the best approach for your brand.

Measuring Success

Businesses need tangible identifiers for campaign success. The top creative agencies in London know which metrics are valuable to your bottom line. So they will be able to present direct and transparent results. If they don’t achieve what they set out to do, they should analyse and correct the problem.

Not all companies have the same standard of success. Of course, ROI is always an important consideration, but it can be measured differently. For example, you may view a good return on investment in terms of engagement, traction or conversions. Whatever the case, a good agency will always keep these goals in mind throughout their planning and execution.

What Makes ZAK One of the Top Creative Agencies in London?

Below are the reasons that make ZAK one of the top creative agencies in London

  • We understand your audience and the changing social media nuances that others miss.
  • We build tailored campaigns for the next generation of consumers.
  • We create high quality, research-driven content.