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Video Marketing


Video marketing is here to stay, and if your brand hasn’t gotten started yet, it might just be time! Over 60% of businesses already use video ads to drive sales. 30% of marketers even consider video marketing to be more critical to their strategy than their website.

The reason for this is simple. Videos are more engaging. They are shareable, entertaining, and vibrant, which is everything consumers love right now. Especially for your social media strategy, videos are not to be missed.

If you’re just getting started with video marketing, you might just want to dip your toes into these foreign waters. In that case, don’t worry. Here are some of the best video creator tools you can use to start with video marketing.

What is a Video Creator App?

Most small businesses that are just starting youth with video marketing might not be ready to allocate the budget to enlist a professional video production company’s help. But the statistics are clear – even then, you can’t pass up on the opportunity to use video in your marketing strategy.

Video creator apps make it easier for businesses with small budgets to get started with creating film ads. These apps usually come with footage and music libraries and allow you to edit these templates to suit your needs. As a result, you can create engaging, short video ads on social media.

Some video apps come with free plans, whilst others only unlock their best features on premium plans. Regardless of which you choose, an app is bound to be cheaper than creating videos from scratch.

Pros and Cons of Video Creator Apps

Unsure about video apps? Indeed, they’re not the perfect solution, but they could be a great way to get started in some circumstances.

The Pros

  • You don’t need a big budget to create video ads with video marketing apps
  • All essential components are already included, like music, footage, filters, and more
  • They are easy to use, so if you are a sole trader, you can create your own video ads for your small business
  • You can create video ads much quicker. This allows you to get a video ad ready for all occasions, even spontaneously.
  • Video creator apps make it easy to share your video ads right after you customised them.

The Cons

  • The footage available through these apps is generic and often bland. In most cases, their templates revolve around a few seconds of stock footage that acts as little more than a moving still image. Whilst this can be engaging, there is no storytelling or creativity. These could be considered the main aspects of a successful video marketing campaign, and they are unlikely to be achieved through an app.
  • To sound less generic, you’ll need to purchase your own music. Ideally, you’d even supply your own footage.
  • Editing and customisation options are limited. Whilst this might be sufficient for a quick ad and help the layman, you can’t do anything too advanced or interesting with video apps. It’s hard to be creative with these limiting tools.
  • Video apps are a quick fix to get moving image content. You will still not benefit from a concept stage or a proper delivery plan.

The Best Video Marketing Apps

Boosted by LightTrick

Boosted is an app for Android, iOS, and the web that allows you to create video ads for your small business quickly. You can choose from hundreds of templates and access their music library on an affordable premium plan. Boosted’s most remarkable feature is that you can easily change each template to fit a story, wide or square format. This allows you to share content on different platforms easily.


Pitchy calls itself the ‘customisable video production solution’. It is intended primarily for corporate videos for marketing purposes, with templates that reflect this intention. You can use them to communicate changes in your business to employees and teams. Pitchy comes with its own stock footage library but also encourages you to shoot your own footage. You can then edit it with various templates, including animated text graphics, infographics and more.


Animaker allows you to use templates to create animated video ads in a simple, 2D style. You can create videos in just a few clicks to create attention-grabbing explainer videos and infographics. Animaker uses a simple drag and drop builder so you can easily customise your videos. You can edit characters and scenes with just a few clicks, and the tool comes with over 100M stock videos and photos.

Are Video Apps the right solution for you? We can take you further.

Video apps are fun tools for small businesses that want to try if video marketing works for them. But the real potential of this marketing strategy is only unlocked when you make true on its storytelling potential. Video production companies provide their expertise to this multi-faceted process and develop highly engaging material that reflects your brand’s spirit.

ZAK works closely with top video production agency High stakes Films in London to deliver branded, professional experiences that resonate with young consumers. Get in touch today to learn more.