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The Worst Digital Marketing Mistakes Beginners Make


You and your team have got a business running and are starting to sell your products and services. The next step? Honing in on your digital marketing strategy.

If you’re here, you already know how vital digital marketing is to successfully grow a business in 2021. Many small businesses especially decide to tackle this significant aspect on their own to save themselves some money. If you can’t work with one of the best marketing agencies in London, making a start yourself is often a good call.

That being said, there are many beginner mistakes you would do well to avoid. Although this list mainly helps new digital marketers grasp what they should and shouldn’t miss out on, many more experienced marketers still occasionally fall into these bad habits.

So watch out – here are the worst digital marketing mistakes that might be slowing down your growth.

Targeting a Broad Audience

One of the most costly mistakes digital marketing beginners often make is to target too broad an audience. By focusing on a wide group of people with no real target niche, marketers end up spending more money to get more eyes onto their content. But this is a fallacy. Just because more people see you doesn’t mean they’ll bite.

It’s proven more effective time and time again to narrow your efforts down to a more niche target audience. In your niche, you will have less competition and will more easily emerge as a new authority. Customers in this niche are also already profoundly interested in the product you are offering, so long as you understand who your target audience really is.

If you are selling a new brand of mochi ice cream, for example, focus your attention on the Instagram foodies, the culture-conscious, the food trend-setters. No one else matters!

Poor Web Design

It doesn’t matter how many bright, flashing neon signs you point towards your business. If customers enter your virtual space and find it outdated, cumbersome or even ugly, they will turn right back around.

A whole 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if its content or layout is unattractive.

Many factors can contribute to bad web design. Make sure your quality check your site before you spend more time and money on digital marketing.

Not Optimizing for Mobile

No matter which marketing strategy you utilize, it needs to be optimized for mobile. Your website, email, blog and social content should all be easily readable and straightforward to navigate when visited on a smartphone device.

Lack of Market Research

The best marketing agencies in London enjoy their status because they understand the market. However, to succeed with digital marketing, your brand has to understand its audience and its competition.

Researching the competition can give you a good indication of which marketing strategies have worked or failed for similar products. It can also help you understand where there might be a niche in content that you can fill.

The market research also comes back to understanding your target audience. So make sure you post content that vibes with the right people, strike a good sense of humour, and engage on a similar wavelength.

Failing to Perform Keyword Research

When writing blog posts or preparing tags for your general SEO, it’s too easy to simply decide to wing it. You might think you know what keywords appeal to your audience. Still, many times, a simple change in wording could make a massive difference in your conversion rates.

Underutilizing keyword research is a common beginner mistake for digital marketers but also plagues more experienced marketers looking for shortcuts. However, the fact remains that you should always use a keyword research tool to optimize your content for SEO and score for keywords that aren’t as competitive.

Lack of a Clear Strategy

A digital marketing campaign shouldn’t just be a range of disjointed blog posts, videos and social media images. A clear strategy is vital for ensuring you can consistently grow your following and convert those audience members into paying customers.

Having that sort of foresight, however, often requires experience in the field.

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