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The Role of Print Advertising in 2020


In recent years, social media channels and digital marketing have risen above all. They have become the new foundation of modern advertising. Traditional channels seem to be on the way out. Consumers turn to the internet instead of television for their video consumption, consume their news online, and research companies via online reviews. 

In an increasingly digitalized world, where is the place for print advertising in marketing? 

In this article, we will be discussing whether print is still a viable form of advertising and what its role has become in 2020. 

Debunking the Myth 

Before we dive deeper, let’s first address the easy assumption that print is no longer as effective as it used to be. This, in fact, isn’t entirely true. Whilst digital marketing has risen in significance, print remains the most trusted medium. 82% of consumers report that they trust printed ads.  

This might be because of its longstanding history in advertising and the associations we have with printed materials. By looking at a physical pamphlet, we can see the budget that went into design, print, and distribution. It feels like an honest effort. Black on white on paper, words take a more trustworthy and informative form. In 2020, ad spending in the print advertising segment still reaches a whopping $44,611m. 

The Advantages of Print Advertising 

We have already discussed how print is still considered a trustworthy form of advertisement. But what other benefits does this medium bring to the table? 

Print Ads Boost Other Forms of Marketing 

Print on its own may no longer work as a successful marketing strategy. Still, you can use print advertising to boost the effectiveness of other advertising strategies. This simply adds more channels to your marketing strategy and widens the net you cast. Newspaper ads can triple the effectiveness of an ad campaign.  

In other words, by investing in these more traditional means, you can get more out of your digital marketing campaigns and enjoy a more significant ROI. 

Consumers Engage Better with Print 

A study by Temple University tested how people engage with print compared to digital ads. They found that print could elicit numerous positive responses. Participants spent a long time engaging with a printed advertisement, recalled more information, and felt a stronger emotional connection. 

When consumers are handed printed content, it engages more senses than digital advertisement can. They are in physical contact with the ad, with nothing else to focus on. As a result, they may turn it in their hands and pay more attention to details. The same is valid for waiting at a bus stop, or sitting on a train whilst your eyes naturally browse for posters to read.  

Print Lasts Longer 

Printed material has the chance to be handed from person to person. It is not as fleeting or quick to consume as digital ads, not as easy to scroll past and ignore. Printed pamphlets and flyers might make it from office to office. The American Marketing Association believes that in the end, printed ads are worth the investment, as their shelf life touches beyond the initial reader. 

Not as Outdated as you Think – Print Advertising and Millenials 

If you thought print might be a more valuable advertising route for older generations, think again. Millennials are in fact big fans of print ads. 77% of millennials reported paying attention to direct mail. Many also still engage with retail inserts, catalogues, and magazines.  

Is Print Part of Your Advertising Strategy?

We hope this article has provided some insight into how print can still benefit your current marketing strategy. Even if you choose to advertise primarily online, there are good reasons to supplement your digital ad spendings with print. 

ZAK agency is an advertising company in London that uses the most suitable channels across print, video, graphics, and social media. Our research enables us to understand which materials will engage your audiences best. Get in touch to hear how we might be able to help your brand with your next outstanding ad campaign.