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The Instagram Factor: Leveraging Social Media for Youth Marketing


The social media accessibility and ease in the 21st century have drawn the attention of brands and marketers in the prospect of employing social platforms for marketing that targets the youth in specific. Today all major brands are going gaga over “Youth Marketing” to target “Millennials or the Gen X Y and Z” through social media platforms. 

Sounds interesting already? 

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The Age of Instagram 

If Millennials are your target audience for marketing, disregarding Instagram would be a significant blunder.  

Instagram is a robust networking behemoth which is one of the most business-friendly platforms on the market today. It comes with a variety of free tools for businesses to boost engagement and visibility for your brand. 

Instagram has grown to become a go-to social networking platform for the youth today. The complete concept of visual marketing was started by Instagram. Since then, it has successfully created a transformation in the way people communicate. 

Moreover, according to the latest reports of Business Insider, above 50% of the audience who are in their early twenties are the most active Instagram users. 

The Benefits of Instagram Marketing 

Instagram campaigns can hugely benefit your brand if you want to target youth for your brand marketing. If your business intends to grow through youth marketing agency, then Insta is your go-to platform. 

Instagram provides brands with an opportunity to connect with a highly influential youth that can help businesses drive substantial results. Youth marketing in Instagram can be most effective as it is very much the realm of the younger generation. 

To cut short, Instagram is basically a powerhouse for the under 30’s demographic, especially teens. To wrap a charming bow around it, Instagram is also more suitable for direct marketing. This involves:  

  • Engaging your audience 
  • Showcasing new products/ services 
  • Spreading awareness 
  • Influencer marketing  

…and much more. 

With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram holds tremendous potential for brands and marketers. Moreover, according to reports, over 68 per cent of users engage with brands regularly, Instagram. So, if you can play your cards right, you can win the Instagram game and can witness some noteworthy difference in your business. 

Ingredients for Instagram Marketing Success  

Listed below are some tips to help your brand up its Instagram marketing game: 


Hashtags are one of the most uniting factors on Instagram. It gives you a systemic approach to categorize your posts and help you reach your target audience. Moreover, through hashtags, your target audience will find you. Such users engage with your post because your post is matches theirs. 

Mobile-Optimized Marketing 

Smartphones are the digital lifeline of today’s youth. They tend to connect with their closed ones and the world around them through their mobile phones. Your business can use mobile-optimized promotions and match with their likes. You can offer attractive advertisements and appealing images that are mobile-optimized tp level up their Instagram experience. 

Don’t Sell Products, Sell Ideas Instead 

In the age of free Wi-Fi, millennials do not like the idea of being sold on social media platforms. You can instead sell ideas and inspire them to make a purchase. This can be done by providing unique and valued content. 

Crafting eye-catching and compelling content displays your expertise which makes readers revisit your page as a resource. You can also incorporate this approach with inbound marketing tactics like social media, blogging, and SEO for better results. 

Be Human, Be Authentic 

To gain the trust of today’s youth, you have to connect with them. This is the age of personalization where the need of the hour is to be human, honest and authentic. Making the audience feel valued and unique is a vital part of branding. 

Final Words 

Instagram lets your brand connect with millions of potential buyers of all ages and demographics, especially the youth. Combining these ingredients together, it can deliver work wonders for your business.

Itching to market your brand to the Insta youth, but not sure on how to do it?  

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