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The Growing Importance of Voice Over in Video Marketing


Voice overs are as old as over a century when they were first used in weather reports. Since then, animations like Disney have made it a popular narration tool that has become a staple in the film industry. In recent years, voice work has increasingly featured in video production for advertising and marketing.

Voice over is an opportunity for marketers to relay their message without relying solely on visual content. For example, suppose you’re working with a video production company in London. In that case, they’ll know how to put voiceovers to the best use and can source the best voice over freelancers for a job.

But how important is it to consider voice over for your content, anyway?

Voice Overs Assist in Localisation

Voice overs are a great way to localise your video content to reach broader audiences across the globe. It goes one step further than just subtitles and creates a more immersive experience for viewers from other countries.

Translating videos in this fashion is a great way to engage new customers and show that you care about your buyers in multiple locations.

Explainer Videos Are a Great Way to Increase Revenue

Explainer videos are a format of video that shows off the features of a product or service and explains how something works in detail. This might include animations or a simple demonstration. Still, in any case, the camera probably isn’t pointed at a talking head. Voice overs are a great way to make sense of the footage shown and explain carefully how something is done. Because voiceovers work with a script, you can ensure that your messaging will be clear and concise.

Explainer videos can increase revenue by 80%, so investing in a high-quality voiceover for this format is well worth investing in.

Audio Advertising Is Expected to Increase

Audio ads already saw a considerable uptick in 2021, which is predicted to continue this year. We already know the effectiveness of audio ads because of how well they work in the podcast industry. 81% of listeners take action based on audio ads, making it a vital opportunity for your brand.

Voice Overs Can Be a Powerful Creative Choice

There have been plenty of ads that use poetry in voiceovers alongside powerful imagery to create emotionally impactful marketing campaigns in recent years. Think, for example, of Coca Colas 2015 “Choose Happiness” campaign.

Powerful words can be a great companion piece to powerful imagery, and this, in turn, allows you to get creative with footage that maybe doesn’t, on its own, sum up what you need your ad to say. By combining voiceover storytelling with various images and impressions, you can tell a whole new story to significant impact.

Work with video production companies in London to put a voice to your vision in 2022. ZAK works with a video production house specialising in brand storytelling. We bring your brand’s mission and values to life through voice over and a range of other powerful techniques. Get in touch today to learn more.