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The Best Emotional Hooks for Emotional Marketing


Emotional marketing is an effective marketing strategy that the best marketing agencies in London use to their advantage. By including emotional messaging in your campaigns, you can make a more substantial impact on your audience. This has several benefits.

First of all, ads with emotional associations are more powerful. They achieve 23% higher sales compared to traditional ads. Secondly, emotional marketing helps build loyalty in customers. Emotional investment in a brand leads to a 306% higher customer lifetime value.

So how do you make the most of emotional marketing? The key is to tune into the right emotional hooks.

The strongest emotions have the best chances of making an impact.


Happiness is the thrill we don’t often experience in full force. Nonetheless, it is a crucial factor of the human experience. It’s a feeling all of us hunt and yearns for, connecting us with our fellow humans. Happiness is something we like to share, and it is infectious.

Coca Cola used this concept in their 2015 “Choose Happiness” campaign. The video ad was inspirational and emotional and used insights into dozens of people’s intense personal memories and images of community and self-determination.

The idea behind the ad was simple: You can choose happiness, and choosing coca-cola is a little bit like choosing joy.


Fear is a primal, visceral response, making it perfect for shocking, impactful ad campaigns. For example, you often see it in safety ads or medical campaigns warning against a particular lifestyle. But it can also be put into juxtaposition with the promise of safety.

For example, Volkswagen’s campaign for its Jetta line breaks the fourth wall in an amusingly meta fashion. It uses the genuine fear of car accidents to promote the car’s fortified rear and sides.


Anger can be rooted in want for justice and acknowledging unfairness. It’s an incredible emotion to evoke when you want to turn attention towards an issue where improvements are long overdue. Innovative brands can benefit from indulging their audience’s righteous anger and then proposing a solution. It’s an excellent tool for sharing your passion for a mission you’re on and telling your audience what your brand is all about.


Like happiness, belonging is an intensely positive emotion and one that every person craves. It’s also a powerful marketing tool for building community in your audience and making your customers feel they’re a part of something by investing in your brand.

Many brands form communities today, both online and offline, and try to get their audiences working towards a shared goal with user-generated content.


It might be one of the seven sins, but it is beneficial for marketing. The flipside of greed is customers’ thriftiness when they get a bargain or a good product bundle with high value for money.

The Buy-one-get-one strategy hits the nail on the head for this concept, and so do discounts, sales and offers.

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